New Peer Tutoring Workshops

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peer tutorStarting in the 2013-2014 school year, history teacher Eliza McFeely plans to implement a new writing-focused peer tutoring program for MFS students.

In the summer, student tutors and a small group of faculty members will meet for a two-day workshop with Michael Murray from the Bard Institute for Writing and Thinking. The workshop will focus on the use of writing to clarify thoughts about complex subjects. During the two-day workshop, students will participate in a number of learning activities focused on writing and take a one-day training class designed to teach them how to peer tutor.

Last year, a group of faculty took part in the workshop, which McFeely described as “fun and stimulating.”

Peer tutoring sessions will take place during the elective blocks, during which about seven student peer tutors will be available. Students with study halls can attend the class for help to understand concepts and improve their writing.

McFeely said, “I really hope the peer tutor workshops will work. We have done a sort of program like this in the past and it went well.”

Teachers will be allowed to assign students to attend. So, starting next fall, aspiring writers in need of help will have the opportunity for the assistance they need.


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