NFL Super Bowl 2017

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So, the Super Bowl has come and passed, and this year showed us one of the most impressive comebacks in perhaps all of sports history. Coming from behind after a tough first half to win it all in overtime, the New England Patriots became the most decorated franchise in NFL playoff history, and Tom Brady cemented his status as the greatest of all time, winning his fifth Super Bowl ring by scoring twenty-five unanswered points.

Before the game, however, we sent out a poll asking members of the MFS community how they thought the game would play out; and the results were truly interesting. As you can see in the pie charts below, the people of Moorestown Friends School truly do know their football—either that or they are fantastic guessers. MFS predicted the Patriots as the winner of the Super Bowl by a sizable majority, along with Tom Brady having a better game than opponent Matt Ryan. One area, however, that did not do well was the overall scoring – MFS was far from accurate on that front. A plurality of voters predicted the total scoring to be somewhere in the range of 30-45 points total, while the final score of 34-28 far exceeded that.

WordsWorth thanks everyone for their participation in the survey.

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