Player to Watch: Erin Chen

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Erin Player to Watch“I just want to do the best I can, since I’m only a freshman,” said Erin Chen, a varsity fencer for Moorestown Friends.

Don’t let her skills fool you; Erin has only fenced for three months, using a saber weapon, and she’s never belonged to any other teams. Erin has discovered that she can do a lot with her athleticism. Erin also made varsity tennis for the MFS girls tennis team this past fall. Erin is clearly a well-rounded athlete who does well for Moorestown Friends.

When WordsWorth asked her what her greatest triumph was so far, Erin replied with: “The Hun School. The whole match was good. That was probably my best.” Then, on Feb. 9, Erin added, “I just won a gold medal at the freshman tournament today.”

When asked about her favorite memory, she said, “Just being with the team. It’s a good environment.”

Erin is undoubtedly an amazing athlete; therefore she is this month’s player to watch.

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