Prommin’ Masquerade Style: MFS Prom 2013

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On April 26, 2013, the junior class of Moorestown Friends School hosted a Masquerade-themed prom for the entire Upper School.  The highly attended event was held at the Mansion in Voorhees, New Jersey. Tickets were $65 each, and commemorative T-shirts saying MFS Prom 2013 on the front and a mask depicted on the back were available.

        The event was planned during weekly meetings run by junior class officers Steven Mannion, Daniel Richards, Maddie Cohen, and Victoria Geyer. Mr. Brunswick and one other faculty member were present to guide the meetings along.  Class president Steven Mannion was “impressed with how the junior class came together to get prom ready. Everything went really well. Everybody helped chip in in different ways. It was easy with everybody supporting it.”

        After ticket sales were over, the prom countdown began. When the day finally arrived, everyone showed up in gowns of many colors and tuxedos. The ballroom at the Mansion was illuminated in gold. The tables were decorated with complementary masks and beads.  The dance floor was crowded throughout the whole night. “It was a lot of fun. Hearing old songs and getting hype when the beat dropped to ‘Get Low’,” said junior Lael Gibson.

       There were 194 people in attendance, faculty included. “It all came together very well,” said junior class Vice President Daniel Richards. “Everybody looked really great. Everyone seemed to have a very good time. It was a great success for the class of 2014 and the high school.”


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