Promposals 2016

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Ever wonder how the great couples and pairs you see dancing at prom first got together? Well, it all started with a ‘promposal’. Whether the two want to celebrate a long standing relationship, initiate a first date, or purely just want to have a great time as friends, one of them must take the creative leap and come up with the perfect promposal for the other. And at MFS, the Senior Class of 2016 have taken the uniqueness and creativity of their promposals to a new level this year.

A Puntastic Promposal, Plus Sushi


Andrew Karolidis asked his girlfriend to prom in a way that encapsulates his personality perfectly: high class and high wit. Besides, who could possibly say no to sushi?

Baby It’s Cold Outside


Jake Rosvold asked his girlfriend to prom after a chilly stroll, warming both her and her heart with this hot chocolate promposal made in a homemade, personalized mug.

Eggs Before English

Andrew Cates created this ornate setup in the middle of the Senior hallway to ask Rose Graziul to prom over homemade Eggs Benedict and fresh orange juice.

Thinking Outside the Bun


Brad Klier got Skylar McClane’s quirky and fun personality spot on with this simple yet humorous Taco Bell promposal.

I Planned to Ask you for the Longest Time


Edward Gelernt, along with a few friends, serenaded Margaux Vellucci with his own arrangement of “For the Longest Time” by Billy Joel.

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