Pulse of Eagles Fans at MFS

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Monday, January 22 was an exuberant day in the MFS community. Many students wore Eagles gear to celebrate the team’s advance into the Super Bowl. This is the Birds’ first Super Bowl appearance since 2005, too long ago for most MFS Upper School students to remember.


Senior Alyssa Runyan, whose dad, Jon Runyan, was on the team during their last Super Bowl, said she is very excited about the Eagles being up for the big win.


“I don’t really remember the last time the Eagles were in the Super Bowl, because I was only five years old, so it’s a very exciting time right now. My dad played in the Super Bowl 13 years ago and to have his team in the same position, playing against the same team, is very surreal.”


When asked whether or not she will attend school the next day if the Eagles win, Runyan said “I know I will not be in school the Monday after the Super Bowl if the Eagles win. I think 70 percent of Upper School students won’t be in school the day after the Super Bowl.”


Junior Ollie Frank, who will be attending the Super Bowl in Minnesota, said school should be cancelled the day of the parade in Philadelphia if the Eagles win the Super Bowl. “I know so many people from the school who will be at the parade. Students probably won’t be able to focus in school the day after the superbowl. Everyone is going to stay up very late watching it.”

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