Reflecting on the Year with Mr. Brandon

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As summer approaches, upper school director Justin Brandon sees his first year at MFS coming to an end.  WordsWorth interviewed Mr. Brandon about his year, what he thought of the school, and what he looks forward to next year.

WordsWorth: How was your first year at MFS and how did you like it?

Justin Brandon: This year has been great. The school community has been very welcoming and supportive from the beginning.

WW: What were you surprised by, or was there anything different that you didn’t expect from the school?

JB: I did not expect the MFS community to be so close. Students and adults work well together to make MFS the great school it is today.

WW: Are there any goals that you would like MFS to achieve for next year? Are there any that you think we have reached this year?

JB: I would like spend more time in the hallways and in the classrooms so that I will have an even greater understanding of our community values.

WW: What was your favorite school event? why?

JB: I would have to say Spirt Week was an amazing event. It was great to see the students work together throughout the entire week. I actually have a pair of the glow-in-the-dark gloves the seniors used for Air Band. I would also have to add that the school spirit I saw at Friday’s baseball game was also amazing.

WW: What are you looking forward to for next year?

JB: I am looking forward to getting into a better routine now that I will have had one year at MFS.

WW: What is your favorite thing or aspect/idea about MFS?

JB: I appreciate the pace of the day and the willingness of students and faculty to take time to have genuine conversations.  I believe those are some examples that make MFS a special place.


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