Senior Check-In

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WordsWorth met with several seniors to talk about their senior project.  Here is what they had to say.

Victoria Geyer
“I work at the AWA (Animal Welfare Association) which is an animal shelter in Voorhees. I really like animals and I have two dogs so I’m pretty good with pets.  Not being in school was pretty weird at first but now that I’m used to it, I really like it.  Nothing unexpected happens but it’s always cool seeing a dog that’s been at the shelter for a while get adopted and find a home.”

Peter Bader
“I’m working at the Philadelphia Union, with their corporate marketing division.  I chose to work with them because I’m very interested in sports management and in love with soccer.  Being in a workplace everyday is very different from high school, [being] given a task and having little guidance along the way on how to finish and complete it is very different. It’s a very different atmosphere but a great experience to be a part of.  My favorite part so far was going on Chipotle runs for the Union team, eating lunch with them and getting to hang out with them daily.”

Sarah Applegate
“I’m working at Nexxt Level Sports.  I chose here because I like basketball and wanted to get experience working at a sports-related business.  I like senior project better than school because I enjoy my work and I prefer the schedule that I have now.  Something cool that I’ve done was that I got to help 5 year olds learn to play basketball which was really fun.”

Emily McKeown
“I am working at Little Sport.  I wanted to work here because I like little kids and playing with them is a lot of fun (and they’re really cute!).  It’s so much better than school because there’s no homework and I just get to play with kids. One crazy thing that happened was that a little boy peed on the bathroom floor.”

Kim Gaiser
“I’m working at the early child care center at the YMCA.  It is basically a nursery for kids ages 6 months to 4 years.  I chose this job because I knew I didn’t want one that was mainly in an office dealing with paperwork.  I wanted a job that kept me busy and I love children, so this tied both of them in.  I love my job and I can honestly say I look forward to it everyday! But I really miss seeing my friends at school.  So I guess there are pros and cons of each.  I appreciate being treated like an adult at my job.  I mainly work in the blue room which is babies 6 months to 12 months.  The other adults let me hold, feed and play with the babies and aren’t over protective as I would have thought they would be.”

Ciani Green
“I’m working at the Camden Day Nursery.  I was interested in working here because it’s the school I went to before I started school here.  It’s fun but the kids are kinda crazy.  They fight a lot.  But they really like me so that’s fun.  I like going to school more than child care.  But I do like being somewhere other than the typical classroom setting.  Something unexpected happens everyday, like accidents (bedwetting).  They happen a lot.  I’ve learned to stay clear of them after nap time.”

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