Shrek: Beauty or Ogre of a Musical?

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Grab your torches and your pitchforks,  it’s time to see Shrek!  It is one of the most fun and memorable movies of our childhood, but just how will this classic flick transfer to the stage?  The talented actors at MFS are putting on Shrek, The Musical–but pulling this one off will be no fairy tale.

The movie had many memorable settings such as Shrek’s swamp and the dragon’s castle, but all of these memorable places will be no easy task for the set crew to design and make come to life.  Hopefully the designers will be able to pull off that classic Shrek swamp that we’ve all come to know and love. And let’s not forget about all those hit songs that we all remember from the motion picture!  Because the songs in the movie aren’t what you would think of as traditional songs for a musical, it will be very interesting to see how the cast and vocalists handle the iconic music.

Aside from the fancy sets and lovable tunes, the characters present their own unique challenges. With a wide range of fairytale creatures, the crew will really have their hands full with costumes and makeup for this large cast of characters. The actors will surely struggle with matching the funny voices and mannerisms of these complex characters, from the great roars of Shrek to the beautiful, bird-blasting singing voice of Fiona. Many other favorite characters from the movie such as Pinocchio, The Gingerbread Man and the Three Pigs, all have very unique looks and voices.

Shrek is a classic childhood film, and it will be no easy feat to pull off, but I’m sure that if anyone can it would be the group of talented actors, stage crew and directors that we have at MFS. So lets hope that this one can be pulled out of the mud and become a shining crown for the MFS crew.

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