So Fast and So Furious: Fast and Furious 6 Review

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In the newest installment of The Fast and Furious franchise, Dominic Toretto embarks on a  mission to help save his lost love, Letty, who is believed to be dead. He tries his hardest to revive her memory and get her back. The movie begins with the birth of Dom’s brother in law and partner in crime Brian O’Conner’ child named Jack. After Jack’s birth, Dom, his sister Mia, and Brian decide to leave the fast life of being criminals behind.

This all changes when Hobbs pays Dom a visit. Hobbs reveals that “ghosts do exist,” and asks Dom to help him stop a team of the most well trained racers led by Shaw. This mission seems like an easy task to Dom and his team of ex-cons, but everything is not as it seems.  With the loss of two team members Dom’s team receives a new member. Despite having a new member and a strong team, Dom is still concerned about the well-being of his family. This concern may eventually be the downfall of Dom.

Watching them race and fight in hand-to-hand combat left me on the edge of my seat. I was surprised how the directors of this movie did not play into the stereotypical “the hero always wins” scenario, but rather, they made sure that he showed just how evenly matched they are.  I was also impressed on how action packed the film was from beginning to end. It was truly amazing and had such a great plot.

If I were to say what the best part of the movie was, it would be the cast’s acting. I was wrapped up in all of the emotions. The tears, the pain, the bloodshed, and the anger were all believable. I felt every emotion that they were portraying. The scene that struck me the most was Jack’s birth because it made me realize that their lives as ex-cons and racing is actually over. they have a family to take care of now. This is a huge change for them since racing and crimes were their lives. With all this emotion, Director Justin Lin left us wanting more,which is the goal. He also put in a bonus clip during the end credits that left you breathless, so watch out for that if you decide to watch it.

           Overall, Fast and Furious 6 was an amazing movie that deserves to be ranked high up on the boards. I loved it, and I want to see it again. I highly recommend this movie if you love action, Vin Diesel, and a good plot. This movie was definitely worth the wait.

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