Spirit Week Changes

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In a recent Agenda meeting, students discussed ideas for spirit week and changes that could be made.  Throughout the year, a major concern has been whether changes to Spirit Week should be made.  Upper School Dean of Students Mike Brunswick says Spirit Week has not changed much in his time at MFS: “Overall it’s been about the same. Obviously, it gets more intense as the week goes on with the bigger events, but overall it has stayed the same.” Brunswick also stated, “I think that the events that we’ve had have been going on for many many years and it’s time to reevaluate. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going to change anything, but we’ll look at it and see what if anything can change or will change.”  Many students have started coming up with new ways to reinvent Spirit Week.  One idea was adding a Quaker aspect to the week by including a trivia game similar to Jeopardy with various questions about Quakerism.  Brunswick also said students thought that “adding a possible girls team to the fish toss” might be a good way to get girls more involved in the event.  Brunswick also mentioned another possible change: “a pep-rally, if time permits it in the schedule.”  The ideas continue to pile up as the 2013-2014 MFS school year comes to an end and planning for next year begins.

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