Spirit Week Predictions

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Boys SFT Girls SFT Jello Eating Boys TOW Girls TOW Eliminator
Freshmen 3rd 4th 4th 4th 4th 4th
Sophomores 4th 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd 3rd
Juniors 1st 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd
Seniors 2nd 1st 1st 1st 1st 1st


Boys’ Slimy Fish Toss: The juniors will take this one straight up.  I am fairly confident in this prediction because Alex Ounjian and Matthew Mullock, last year’s champions, are returning after winning fairly easily last year.  The seniors will place second this year because partners Cj Eni and Joe Beideman have won it in the past, and have plenty of experience in the event. I think the freshman could make a run in this event because of how poorly the sophomores performed last year, dropping the lubricated shark after only one throw. Sorry sophomores, freshmen will take third place, and you will be in last.

Girls’ Slimy Fish Toss: Because this is a new event, it is very hard to predict the outcome. Based solely on each grade’s female athletes, I think the seniors will win; they have both quality and quantity of athletes.  Second and third are toss-ups.  Because this is new for everyone, I cannot judge based on experience, so it doesn’t really matter what grade you are in.  Unjustly, I will give the freshmen last because I don’t know how athletic most of you are and how you perform under pressure.  From there, because the juniors will have a special twin chemistry in the event, with Katie and Gaelyn Gregory competing, I think the juniors may have an edge over the sophomores, and therefore will take second place.

Jello Eating: CJ Eni, a senior, won the event last year. Based on this information, you’d think that this would be a very easy decision, but there is a wild card. That wild card is a first time Jello-eating competitor in junior Dylan Eni, brother of CJ. No one really knows how he is going to perform, but if he has any bit of the ability that CJ has, the competition could get interesting. Because CJ is a proven eater, and has plenty of experience in the spotlight, I still think he will win, but as it usually is, the competition will come down to the wire. Sorry underclassmen, I think the Enis will separate themselves and the sophomores and freshmen will be left in their dust, to take third and fourth.

Boys’ Tug of War: This year’s Boys’ tug of war will be a battle. Last year, the seniors won the event, with the class of 2014 coming in second, the juniors coming in third, and the sophomores bringing up the rear. This year, the competition is up for grabs. I say this because the juniors, last year, were outweighed by the freshmen by fifty pounds and still managed to beat them. With a heavier, and stockier crew, the juniors can challenge the seniors for the title. Since I haven’t heard of freshmen ever doing particularly well in this event, I’m not expecting them to place higher than third. I do think the seniors will ultimately win because of how competitive and strong they have proven to be. The juniors will take second, leaving the sophomores third, and the freshmen fourth.

Girls’ Tug of War: This event is not going to be as close. The senior girls, who have won the last two years, will win the event handily this year. They have too much strength and athleticism for other girls to compete with. The juniors will come in second, and the sophomores and freshmen will place third and fourth, in that order. The juniors are undoubtedly stronger than the underclassmen, and I am giving the sophomore girls the benefit of the doubt for them to beat the freshmen.

Eliminator: This year’s Eliminator will surely be another thrilling event. The seniors, who as juniors won it last year, have experience, talent, and a virtuoso mini-tricyclist in David Golden which will surely help them return to the winner’s circle. The juniors will place second partly because the class of 2017 didn’t really show much last year, and also because they have done okay in the past until faced with the tricycle. The freshmen will place in last. Hopefully this event will take place inside the BOG again because being indoors added more energy, and noise, to create an electrifying atmosphere.

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