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Justin Q.“The night before [my first game], I told my dad that I wanted to score the first goal of the season, and on game day I was determined to do it,” said freshman Justin Quintero, center midfielder for the Foxes’ varsity boys soccer team.

The game at Princeton Day School was the first for the Foxes this season. After two quick Panther goals, Justin Quintero scored the team’s first goal of the year, off a well-played ball from Matthew Mullock.

“It was very cool and surprising for me,” he said, “Luckily, I accomplished my goal.”

Quintero is an up-and-coming star for the boys’ varsity soccer team. From the season’s outset, he has proven to his coaches that he deserves significant playing time. “Justin is one of a number of freshman who showed well in preseason training,” claimed his coach Mike Schlotterbeck.

Quintero has started every scrimmage and every game so far this year, and it seems to be the right move for the Foxes. The team is 5-1-1 so far this year, with their only loss coming against Cherry Hill West in the first scrimmage of the season.

Justin has a passion for the game and has been playing since the age of five. “I love the game because I have fun every time I play it. It’s the only way that I don’t think about stress and it just relaxes me.”

Andrew Karolidis, a teammate of Justin’s clams that “Quintero is skilled in ball-handling and is very quick with decision making.” Meanwhile, Justin says that his best attribute is “that I always try to be positive and help lead my team mates by example.”

(Disclaimer: Matthew Mullock is the brother of writer of this article, Mitchell Mullock. )

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