Spring Sports at MFS

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The baseball team, the girls and boys lacrosse teams, and the boys tennis team all qualified for the Friends League Playoffs. Only the top four Friends League teams in each sport make the playoffs.


The boys’ lacrosse team ended the season with a 2-3 record in the Friends League. This record gave them the 4 seed in the playoffs, where they faced Shipley (who beat them earlier in the season 18-6) for the first round matchup. The Foxes were downed by their opponents 19-7 on Tuesday, May 14. Season highlights include a 13-8 victory over Friends’ Central, fueled by attacker Tyler Mills, who scored 10 out of the 13 MFS goals in the game, and a hard-fought 9-6 home victory over George School. The team has accomplished a lot in spite of losing Dan Zeiberg, C.J Cooper, and Dan Richards, all of whom played last year. Zeiberg and Cooper are injured, and Richards decided to focus on basketball.


On the neighboring field, the girls lacrosse squad has had an equally successful season, finishing with a 4-3 record and earning the 4 seed in the Friends School League (FSL) playoffs. The girls headed to Philadelphia where they were defeated by the Germantown Tigers on Tuesday, May 14, by a score of 16-7. This eliminated them from the FSL Playoffs.  Although the girls were not able to win on Tuesday, they never showed signs of quitting. This team will be remembered by their ability to bounce back when faced with adversity, as demonstrated after a 20-8 loss at the hands of Friends’ Central in the MFS FSL opener. Despite that outcome, they were able to string together four straight FSL wins against George School, Abington Friends, Westtown, and ANC.


The baseball team has posted a Friends League record of 8-2, awarding them a home game for a May 15 rematch against the Germantown Tigers.


“This is the most talented team I’ve coached at MFS,” said coach Ron Obermeier. This skilled squad of ballplayers fell to Germantown 2-0 on Wednesday. Highlights of their season include nail-biting victories over George School and Germantown, and a 15-0 blowout at Shipley. They are still in the race of the State Playoffs where it is projected that they will have a home game for their first round matchup.

The boys’ tennis team had a matchup on May 9 in order to receive the 3 seed in the FSL Playoffs. The result for the match was a 5-0 loss for the Foxes. The result of the match gave the Foxes a 4 seed and had them travel to Friends’ Central to play the undefeated Phoenix in a rematch of the Foxes’ 5-0 earlier in the season. The tennis team lost by the same score (5-0) to Friends’ Central earlier this week, thus eliminating them from the FSL Playoffs. They still have the Individual FSL Tournament to look forward to which is taking place on Saturday, May 18. This team will always be remembered for the unexpected 12-0 unbeaten streak to start the season among which they had key wins against Westtown, George School, and Abington Friends (a 5-0 victory).

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