Staff Spotlight: Megumi Kanada

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As another school year begins, we have once again said goodbye to our departed faculty and welcomed new faces. Among those is Megumi Kanada, who is succeeding Patricia Diehm as Upper School Administrative Assistant. This is Kanada’s first time working at a Quaker school and K-12 school. She is “really excited” to progress through the year and is especially “looking forward to May Day. I’d like to see Mr. Brandon in tights.”


Kanada spent last year as a guidance intern at Science Leadership Academy and as a clinical intern at Crefeld School.  With a bachelor of arts in psychology and mental health counseling from the University of Pennsylvania.


Kanada was introduced to some new ideas at this year’s staff orientation. “We got to to talk about Quakerism and how it is alive in the school.”  Kanada continued, “Quaker aspects are something that I want to gain from the school for my own life.”


So whether you have a message from home or a question about scheduling, Kanada will be there with a smile. “I’ve heard a lot of great things about how engaging the students are, and I hope they can get to know me outside of the context of being late!”

She will likely get to know everybody at some point, so drop in and introduce yourself; join the community in welcoming her to our school, or help her answer the one question she has: “I’m curious about the hippo; why isn’t it a fox?”

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