Stokes Hall Sculpture

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Senior CJ Durkow’s artwork is currently on display in Stokes Hall.

He crafted a rose, made of carpet padding and tack strip, rising from a carpet. The wall behind the flower is made out of foam that is cut to resemble a wall.

Durkow spent just over a week creating the rose and four weeks constructing the rest of the artwork. He gathered the materials from scraps left over from renovations on his house.

“I started this project because I wanted to explore different mediums. What I liked about the carpet foam was the wide range of colors in the material,” said Durkow of the piece.  “I decided to explore the concept of growth and life and what happens to buildings after humans no longer use them. By building the flooring and crumbling walls, I was able to emulate the idea of an abandoned home where the floor has has grown flowers.  It’s kind of a transition back to nature in an unnatural place.”

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