Student Spotlight: Spencer Dennis

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“Everyone should know the importance of music in our lives,” said ninth grader Spencer Dennis, who leads a surprising life outside of school as a disc jockey. He has been a DJ for a year and a half now and has DJ’d quite a few parties, sweet sixteens, and other small events.  Dennis was also the DJ at the MFS hot dog economics stands.

Shortly after being inspired by a TV commercial, Dennis bought the equipment and started up his own disc jockey business, planning to “show his love for music and the importance of good music.” He tried out a music production class and realized he really enjoys disc jockeying. “I love the power I have as a DJ to change music from its original form into something new and unique,” said Dennis. His main goal as a DJ is to do something big, like owning a club.

Dennis supplies his own lights, speakers, nineteen activities to do at a party, and party supplies. He plays a variety of genres and allows his clients to choose their own playlists of music.

Interested individuals can contact Dennis, book events, and view party information on his website .  “Disk jockeying has taught me good people skills and how to negotiate,” said Dennis.


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