Spirit Week Update: Friday

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Seniors earned first in airband, with juniors following behind and sophomores and freshmen taking third and fourth, respectively.

For the first time in the last two decades and perhaps the first time ever, the grades stacked up in reverse order, with the freshmen taking the crown, the sophomores and juniors placing behind them, and the seniors bringing up the rear.

Penny Game
On Thursday night, junior Eric Price, seeing the high-filled senior bucket and recognizing that the juniors could not win, dumped 25 pounds of pennies into the sophomores’ bucket to take potential points away from the seniors. The ploy worked even better than expected: the seniors came in last place in the Penny Game, with the sophomores, freshmen, and juniors in that order stacking up ahead of them.

Red and Blue Day
All grades tied for first in Red and Blue Day.

Deans’ Points
Deans’ points had the same result as Red and Blue Day, with all grades earning the same 50 points.

Final Results

1st Seniors
2nd Juniors
3rd Freshmen
4th Sophomores
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