Spirit Week Update: Monday

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Boys slimy fish toss: Sophomores Dozier Coles and Olivier Bastien were eliminated several rounds into the competition, followed closely by freshmen Vishal Doshi and Surya Reddy.  Juniors Matt Mullock and Alex Ounjian and seniors CJ Eni and Joe Beideman remained neck-in-neck for many more rounds as the distance between teammates and intensity among the crowd increased.  Finally, Mullock’s throw to Ounjian fell well short, but Eni’s throw to Beideman faced the same fate, yielding a junior-senior tie.

Girls slimy fish toss: Juniors Gaelyn and Katie Gregory failed to connect on the second throw, and sophomores Katy Repholz and Camille Aguilar followed suit on the same toss.  Freshmen Charlotte Stern and Alexis Watson and seniors Sarah Henig and Vanessa Kara continued to battle until Stern’s throw landed far in front of Watson.  As Henig’s throw soared in the air, Kara dashed toward it and made a valiant dive, cradling the fish and holding it up in the air triumphantly to signal victory.  However, event judges agreed that the fish touched the ground before Kara got to it, declaring that the senior and freshman girls tied for first place.

Jello Eating: Freshman William Kimberly (pictured above) stunned the Upper School with a dazzling performance, stealing first place and giving the freshmen one of their most successful Mondays in the history of Spirit Week.  Senior veteran CJ Eni followed with a strong second place finish, followed by his brother Dylan, a junior.  Sophomore Takdeer Sidhu could not finish his tin of Jello.

Score after Day 1:
Freshmen:        237.5
Seniors:             225
Juniors:              175
Sophomores:   87.5

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