“Tell Me More,” Conveniently?

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Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.45.59 AMTell Me More, the online language program which has sparked many spirited debates, irritated many students, and been the focus of many WordsWorth articles, now is compatible with mobile devices. The most common complaint against Tell Me More is its frustrating lack of user-friendliness and accessibility. The persnickety website previously could only be accessed on a personal computer, but now smartphones and tablets can be used to complete Tell Me More on the go, which eases the frustration of a Tell Me More assignment.

World Languages Department Chair Josefina Paolello told WordsWorth, “For those students who own a smartphone, the advantage is that the site loads faster allowing the use of most of the features at any time.”  However Paolello also explains that “One disadvantage is that it does not allow access to the full range of activities and features like voice recognition.”

While not every aspect of Tell Me More is available via mobile device, the large portion that is available is a major improvement over the computer-only version of the past.


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