Tell Me More?

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Editor’s Note: This article is the pro position of our Tell Me More debate.  The con position can be found here.

When report cards came out, there was contempt among the World Language student body about Tell Me More as a separate category in the determination of their grade. People have complained that their grades were hurt by Tell Me More being counted separately.

These complaints don’t make much sense; Tell Me More is a completion grade; all the student has to do to receive full credit is complete the assignment. In fact, most of Tell Me More is impossible to get wrong because you can keep trying until you get it right. In other words, an entire category of a student’s grade should have been full credit had the student simply done the assignment.

My grade, as I’m sure happened for others’ grades, was bumped up a level by Tell Me More being a separate category, because I did the assignments. The only possible way counting Tell Me More as a separate category could hurt a student’s grade is if they didn’t do their homework, which is typical of any class. Otherwise, why would we do it? Basically, completing homework will not only keep grades from going down, but also it will actually improve grades.


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