The Bachelor

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Season eighteen of The Bachelor has girls everywhere in a frenzy.  What’s causing this pandemonium?  It’s none other than Juan Pablo Galavis, the Venezuelan-born 31-year-old bachelor.  With his charming smile and killer soccer skills (he used to be a professional), he is irresistible to the ladies. The first episode starts out as a peek into Juan’s life. We meet his family, friends, and his adorable four-year old daughter, Camilla.  We also get to see his sensitive side as he confesses his nerves about finding true love.  However, Juan Pablo recently portrayed a different, perhaps insensitive, side of himself.  He sparked some controversy by saying some homophobic things, such as gay parents “set a bad example for kids’” and a gay bachelor would be “too hard to watch on TV.”  It’s interesting how a gay bachelor seems wrong, but dating 27 women at the same time is okay.  Obviously, Juan Pablo sees nothing wrong with it, as he excitedly gets introduced to all the ladies that will be fighting for his love.  This is the most interesting part of the process.  Some of the girls made quite a first impression, like Lucy, who decided not to wear shoes (uhhm..?) and Lauren S, who played Juan Pablo a song she wrote on the piano.  Twenty-six beautiful girls later, comes Andi, a 26-year old attorney.  Juan Pablo looks in awe as she steps out of the car, and I personally think that she will be the winner of this season.  Now comes the best part of the whole show: eliminations.  After much debate and distress, Juan Pablo regretfully sends home 9 ladies: Alexis, Kylie, Amy J. Ashley, Christine, Lacy, Lauren H, Maggie and Valerie.  With eighteen hopeful girls left, we know for sure that the rest of this season will be packed with drama and broken hearts.  But hopefully, in the end, Juan Pablo will find his one true love.

The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC


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