The Long and Short of it Prom Dress Choices Stirring Debate

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Throughout the history of MFS prom, upperclassmen girls have traditionally worn long dresses while underclassmen wear short ones. But last year, a few sophomores decided to break the trend, sporting long dresses to the big dance. This year’s sophomore girls admire the way that last year’s sophomores challenged the norm, and some have decided to follow in their footsteps.

Currently, five sophomore girls report that they plan to wear long dresses to prom this year, up from last year’s three. While there are no rules against underclassmen wearing long dresses, some students remain in support of the trend. Junior Sasha Katsnelson commented, “If you wear a long dress sophomore year, it makes it less special and less fun than getting to wear one junior and senior year.” Junior Amanda Karlsson, one of last year’s trend-defying sophomores, agreed. “The only reason I wore a long dress last year is because the short one I ordered didn’t come in on time. It is more special if sophomores wait until their junior or senior year to wear a long dress.”

But many of this year’s sophomores disagree. Sophomore Camille Aguilar is among the sophomore girls who plan to show up at the even in a dress that hangs to the floor. “Sophomores should be allowed to wear whatever they want. I am wearing a long dress this year and it shouldn’t be a problem. Sophomores wore long dresses last year and no one cared; I’m not sure why it matters this year.”

This year’s prom is on April 24 at The Mansion in Voorhees. Tickets are $65 and can be purchased in the Dining Hall Commons.

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