“There’s Holes in my Walls!”

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Full disclosure: Debra Galler is one of two faculty advisers for WordsWorth

For 229 years, Moorestown Friends school has upheld its prestigious reputation and academic standing with high-level faculty, a selective admissions process and a unique Quaker community.  Hand-in-hand with its core values are a tight knit school community and a variety of options from which students may choose.  But one thing has always been missing — well, that is, before cement was taken from the walls — and that is air conditioning.  Yes, Moorestown Friends, your one-stop shop for a top-notch education, college prep, and rigorous courses doesn’t have little vents in the walls for air to come out.

But that’s all about to change.  In a long-overdue development, Moorestown Friends School will install a brand-new air conditioning system in Stokes Hall, beginning in the Fall 2015.

WordsWorth sat down with Debra Galler, an Upper School teacher and long-time heat stroke sufferer, for a brief Q&A session to discuss the upcoming changes and what they mean for her.

WordsWorth: For how many long, uncomfortably sweaty, humid springs have you worked at MFS?

Debra Galler: First of all, it’s not only the spring, it’s the fall. Which is sweaty. But this is my tenth sweaty year at Moorestown Friends.

WW: What do you plan to do on hot spring afternoons with your newfound energy from cool air?

DG: I’m sure my teaching will be vastly improved. I may become teacher of the year, based on not having to focus my energy on sweating. I plan to stand up and move more often, and complain a lot less, which will benefit everyone.

WW: What was your first thought when you saw those beautiful holes in your walls?

DG: Well, after I wiped away the tears of joy, i just thought, ‘I am one step closer to my dream’, and if i may make a literary reference, it’s a little bit like Gatsby with the green light. I sort of just reached out my hand to the holes in the wall that represented what I had thought was an unattainable dream.

WW: Do you feel anyone deserves the gift of a modernized classroom with cool air more than you do?

DG: Well, I’m not one to try to take things away from my peers, but no, I deserve it the most. I sweat the most.

WW: Does this renovation cement Larry Van Meter’s legacy as the greatest MFS headmaster of all time?

DG: Absolutely. I want it on record that he is the greatest head of school of all-time. And, the School Committee is the greatest — they also helped make this decision.

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