Third Annual Choir Showcase to Bring Music and Smiles

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The 2016 Choir Showcase is this Saturday, March 19. In its third year, the choir showcase is an opportunity for over 160 choir students from Lower, Middle, and Upper School to collaborate on music. This year’s theme is “I Sing Because I’m Happy,” which was developed from the song His Eyes on the Sparrow.

“We looked for a lot of songs that included the words happy or sing or a combination of that,” commented Joanna Stamper, Lower School Music Director. There will be many different types of music performed, including Broadway show tunes, movies, pop culture, and even some classical.

“We’re going to be doing Lift Every Voice and Sing, which we did at the Thanksgiving Happening, but we’ll also be balancing that out with [Pharrell William’s] Happy,” Stamper went on to say. The Lower School students really have enjoyed rehearsing with Middle and Upper School students in the past, and this year comes the addition for more bonding time. “[Choir members from all three school levels] will eat lunch together in mixed groupings, and it’s always fun for the Lower Schoolers to see the people they ate lunch with on stage … and in the hallway. They get really excited.”

The choir showcase originally started as an event in the Dining Hall, but after a huge turn out the first year, last year they moved the event into the auditorium, where they had a packed house. The choir department is expecting even more of a turnout this year, so instead of having the choir be in the audience while waiting to perform, they will be waiting in the red gym backstage, allowing for more people to be able to sit in the audience. For those people who can’t make it to the performance, there will be a live Periscope stream available.


View the Periscope LIVE stream starting at 1:00EST on Saturday. @JStamperMFS on Persicope

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