Top Ten: Christmas TV Episodes

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Right before our favorite TV shows take a quick hiatus for the Christmas holiday, they sometimes put out an amusing Christmas themed episode. It’s important to remember their noble efforts in holiday entertainment, this is the top 10 christmas episodes from our favorite TV shows. Just to be clear, these are specials featured and themed around TV shows, so sorry Frost and Rudolph this is not the place for you.


10. Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh – Drake & Josh

In this hour and a half special to the hit children’s sitcom, Drake & Josh are sent to court after being arrested for disorderly conduct. To escape jail, the two step brothers have to make sure a foster family has the best Christmas ever. Although, it’s very corny, it’s also very nostalgic and is likeable by children and adults alike.


9. Santa’s Village of the Damned – Two and a Half Men

In this Christmas themed episode of Two and a Half Men, Alan begins to date a new girl who has an obsession with being the perfect housewife (Even though they aren’t married), but Alan is terribly horrified when he learns that his new girlfriend takes Christmas way too seriously. Although it isn’t cute or delightful, it’s extremely hilarious.


8. A Lost Claus – Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

At some point, every child is faced with the question of whether or not Santa Claus is real. This Christmas special to a childhood favorite show restores our beliefs. In this episode, many Santa Claus imaginary friends begins to appear at Foster’s, this causes Mac to doubt in Father Christmas’ reality, so it’s up to Blu and his friends to restore his faith. Not only is this episode superbly animated (as the T.V show usually is), but it’s really sweet and charming.


7. Christmas Who? – Spongebob Squarepants

Although, it isn’t the best episode of Spongebob, it is very memorable. After Sandy explains Christmas traditions to Spongebob, he goes throughout Bikini Bottom telling everyone of the glorious holiday that is Christmas. The only person that is not in favor of Christmas is, obviously, Squidward. With a very silly ending, and a extremely catchy tune you will never get out of your head, this is definitely an entertaining episode of Spongebob Squarepants.


6. Everybody Hates Christmas – Everybody Hates Chris

In this Christmas themed episode, based off of Chris Rock’s experience as a child, he desperately desires a cassette recorder for Christmas so that he can listen to music privately. However, his parents shock him when they tell Chris, that because they need to buy a new water heater, they won’t have enough money to buy Chris what he wants most. This episode of Everybody Hates Chris is extremely hilarious and charming, telling us that a lack of presents does not mean a bad holiday.


5. A Very Special Family Guy Freakin’ Christmas – Family Guy

In this episode of Family Guy, Peter mistakenly donates all of the family’s presents to charity, and the family must go shopping again. After numerous other blunders, Lois decides she’s had it and goes on a rage. This episode shows why people are so happy on Christmas and, not to mention,like other Family Guy episodes, has its quality slapstick comedy.


4. Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Poo – South Park

You knew this one was coming!  In this episode of South Park, Kyle Broflovski, who’s Jewish, is the only kid in his public school that does not celebrate Christmas. He is not in the school’s depiction of the nativity scene, and his mother tells the school to remove all Christmas symbols that would offend other non-Christian religions. Kyle’s solution to the problem is Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, because it is a non-religious symbol. What is Mr. Hankey? He’s just what he sounds like, a anthropomorphic piece of feces. Although it sounds juvenile and silly enough, it has some really great social commentary, and a little Christmas message.


3. The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis – The Big Bang Theory

In this episode of TV’s nerdiest comedy, Sheldon is conflicted in deciding what to get Penny, when she decides to get him something special. This relatable episode shows us the conflict that the average person has when getting someone a present, and has a shocking anti-Sheldon move the man does himself.


2. Express Christmas – Modern Family

In this comedy featuring everyone’s new favorite family, the Pritchets all realize that they are going somewhere or doing something for Christmas, and they won’t be able to spend the holiday together, so Phil comes up with the idea of hosting Christmas on December 16th nicknaming it “Express Christmas”. The family split up into groups in order to find gifts, food, a Christmas tree, and everything else they need to celebrate the holiday. Not only is this a great Christmas episode, it’s also very funny, to watch the Pritchets’ subplots within the episode. It is also hilarious to see how everything comes together.


1. The Maternal Congruence – The Big Bang Theory

Only The Big Bang Theory has the ability to top the list and appear twice. In this episode, the guys meet Santa Claus and they save Christmas together. Bazinga! Just kidding. In this episode, Leonard’s robotic mother comes to town to spend Christmas with her son, and he is forced to revisit some childhood traumas that came around the holidays. For example, instead of preparing milk and cookies for Santa, his family prepared research papers, and you knew that Santa had been there because they were graded. Not only is the humor funny as usual, but it shows us the importance of family (Even, the criticizing narcissistic ones.) during the holiday season.

Fun Fact, did you know that the first episode of The Simpsons was a Christmas episode? Happy holidays.

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