Triple Digits: Star Lacrosse Player Katy Repholz Soars Past 100 Goals

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MFS Girls Lacrosse junior midfielder Katy Repholz scored her 100th career varsity goal Tuesday, April 12th. The goal was Repholz’s third for the game, as the Foxes cruised to a 12-3 victory over Academy New Church, led by her outstanding hat-trick performance.

“I was open in the middle of the eight, and Alexis Watson had the ball behind the cage. She passed to me and it was a real quick one-cradle goal. Having my team be a huge part of the 100th goal was great,” said Repholz.

A lacrosse player since 5th grade, Katy has put in plenty of time and hard work to get to the level where she is today. In the summer and fall she plays for South Jersey Select, a club team that is filled with top players from the area, but in-season she remains focused on leading the MFS varsity squad.

Katy may be a rare talent, but she is also a team player, prioritizing MFS’s success as one of her top priorities.

“Making it to the Friends League Finals would be amazing. But I really think games like Collingswood where we battled back from a deficit and won a close game are the most rewarding,” explained Repholz. “You can just see the team improving around you, and that’s what I think high school sports is all about.”

Repholz went on to add that she would like to play lacrosse in college, but it would have to be for the right school and the right program. Regardless, the achievement of reaching one hundred varsity goals in just her junior year undoubtedly secured her high school legacy.

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