Watch Out! New Apple Device “Most Personal” Yet

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The Apple Watch, released to the public on April 24, 2015, is Apple’s most “personal device yet,” according to one of its advertising slogans. Announced in September of 2014, Apple’s latest technology includes features such as timekeeping, fitness/health tracking, and numerous iOS compatibilities, such as music, messaging, and Siri. However, not everyone seems to be as pleased as Apple is with the new tech.

While Apple is the proud new parent of this device, not all consumers are as pleased. Freshman Zachary Durr purchased the Apple Watch, but would not buy it again: “I feel it’s a little too expensive for what it does.” Prices for the new devices range from $349 to $17,000, the most expensive being an 18-karat gold watch. Another con is the fact that the watch works with your iPhone. Without an iPhone 5 or higher, things like messaging or fitness can’t work; as Durr said, “Like, if I wanted to go run on the treadmill without my phone I couldn’t. You have to have the phone for the watch to work.” Sophomore Hunter Harris agreed that the price was not worth it for a device that could not fully function without an iPhone, pointing out that the Apple Watch is simply “not necessary”.

However, there are some pros to the new watches as well; Durr’s favorite part is that “I can call and text people without having to pull out my phone.” Apple Inc. states on its website, “You’ll feel a gentle tap with each incoming message. Apple Watch also lets you connect with your favorite people in a fun, spontaneous ways- like sending a tap, a sketch, or even your heartbeat.” While Harris criticized the price point, he did commend Apple for the design and convenience of the Watch. He also said that the screen was very easy to use, and that the Watch itself was not very distracting for him as he went about his day.

Overall, the Apple Watch is a new, innovative piece of technology that has the potential to change our everyday relationship with technology. It has great features such as an easy-to-use touch screen and convenient messaging. Still, with the significant current limitations on its usability without an iPhone, along with a steep price point, it may not be for everyone.

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