Why Tell Me More Should Be In Communicative Skills

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Editor’s Note: This article is the con position of our Tell Me More debate.  The pro position can be found here.

I find myself constantly returning to the issue of Tell Me More’s presence in Moorestown Friends School’s language curriculum.

My most recent issue: where does this program fit into our rubric? At the moment, Tell Me More has its own 5 percent value category, which has no effect, positive or negative, on one’s grade.

Anyone who has used the program knows that it takes hours of precious time to complete.  Why then, should a student not receive adequate credit for his/her work?

This past quarter, my grade suffered due to lack of variety in the “Communicative Skills” field.  I can make a strong argument for why Tell Me More could easily fit into this block that is worth 15 percent of the student’s grade. Had this been the case, my grade would have been increased three percentage points, significantly bringing up my letter grade as well.  While doing this math, I also discovered that eliminating Tell Me More entirely from my grade in its current position would not have changed anything. It doesn’t bring up my grade at all even though I put multiple hours into it.  Even though I got an A+ in the Tell Me More category, it did nothing to boost my grade.

I believe credit should be given where credit is due, and it is not being given here.


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