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YouTube is slowly becoming just as popular as TV shows. It’s a community full of vloggers, filmmakers, beauty experts, singers, gamers, magicians, dancers, educators, and more. The most famous YouTubers (people who regularly make YouTube videos) have millions of subscribers, and the most famous videos have over a billion views. Becoming a full-time YouTube fanatic requires knowledge, motivation and, most importantly, lots of free time.

Popular YouTubers:

Vsauce (Michael Stevens) is a channel dedicated to “mind-blowing facts and the best of the Internet”. Michael makes videos mostly about vague scientific topics that people might’ve questioned before. Vsauce has two other channels, Vsauce2 and Vsauce3, which are run by two different people and discuss eye-catching products, videos, apps, and stories found on the World Wide Web. Vsauce has close to 7 million subscribers.


Michelle Phan is what the YouTube community calls “a beauty guru”. She makes makeup tutorials, fashion inspiration videos, and the occasional short film. After all of her YouTube success, she has grown into an entrepreneur. She’s created a line of cosmetics, called Em by Michelle Phan, with L’Oreal. She has close to 6 million subscribers and is one of the most subscribed-to beauty gurus ever.


JacksGap (Jack and Finn Harries) is a channel run by identical twin brothers from England. They have over 3 million subscribers, and they’re quite the hit with the ladies. They make vlogs, short films, and they’ve recently made a 4-episode series documenting the Rickshaw Run (a trip across India in a rickshaw). They make lots of travel videos in other places like Dubai, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.


SoulPancake has videos “that make you think, laugh, and cry”. They are most famous for their Kid President series starring, well, Kid President.The young kid pretending to be the President of the United States gives “pep talks” and inspiring speeches to America. Another series called The FlipSide consists of short films that have a plot twist towards the end, made to go against stereotypes and to show you the “flipside” of things. Have a Little Faith is another series starring Zach Anner, who has cerebral palsy and is outgoing, funny, and interested to learn more about other faiths. He has learned about the Quaker, Baha’i, Mormon, Muslim, and Jewish faiths. SoulPancake has over a million subscribers.


CTFxC/Internet Killed Television (Charles and Alli Trippy) are a married couple who have been making vlogs for YouTube daily for the past 5 years. They, in fact, hold the Guinness World Record for longest consecutive daily vlogs. Some of their most popular videos include one in which Charles records his own brain surgery procedure. The couple also got married during their 5 years of vlogging, after some time of dating. CTFxC has over a million subscribers and 1.9k+ videos.


These are only a few of the many YouTubers within the community. A lot of them have made friends with each other, have done “collab videos” in which they make two videos together, one video for each of their own channels. Most of the famous YouTubers go to VidCon, an annual convention in Anaheim, CA where they can interact with fans, hold panels, and meet other YouTubers. Becoming a YouTube partner means that you can get paid for making videos, and this is a lot of famous YouTubers’ main source of income.


No matter what your interests are, you can turn that into a YouTube video. Even the best and biggest channels have owners that started off making 180p vlogs on a laptop in their tiny basement and ended up making short films with editors and high-quality effects. Once you put your heart to it, you can use YouTube as a resource to share your creativity with the world in an innovative way.


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